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Why do standards change?

Markets and technologies change as do the demands of customers (and other Interested Parties).  As the focus on continual improvement is also applied to standards, there is a requirement for a review process every 5 years (in general).

We are now in a period of significant review for most of the major management system standards and many new standards are coming along which are following the same format.

We have seen the introduction and transition to ISO9001:2015 and ISO14001:2015 following the Annex SL structure. Now we are in the transition period of OHSAS18001 to ISO45001:2018 and AS9100 to Rev D.

EN1090-2:2018 has now been published and EN1090-4 is on the horizon.

Watch this space for others.

The Transition Process

Most major changes to management systems will come with a transition period. The QMS and EMS transitions came with a 3 year adoption period and this seems to be the norm.

However, it has been see that these major changes can place extreme pressure on businesses and this last phase of transitions has seen some companies hold up their hands and miss the boat or decide it is all too much and give up

Don't Give up.

For those companies who have worked so hard to maintain their accreditations over the past years, it is such a shame to see that hard work wasted by a decision not to undertake the transition. This decision will have been taken for a number of reasons but may companies are unable to resource the change or have not understood the concepts behind the new standards.

MLP would urge any company who has decided to drop the standard to contact us to talk through their deicison process and to consider a helping hand through the process. Once the basic concepts are taken on board there is no reason why companies should not be able to recertify and enhance their management system accreditation.

Annex SL and the Standard Approach

For those companies with multiple management systems, the new standard format (Annex SL) is a huge benefit. For those looking to implement additional systems in the future  Annex SL is so much better.

There is no need for system duplication and work done in  discipline can often but simply extended to apply to another. Why make things too complicated?

We now have a standard 10 clause format to follow whatever the management system.