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Things happen

During the life of any business there are times when you don't have the resources or the experience to tackle the issues that face you. This is not  unusual and can be addressed if you admit you need help. This is where MLP can offer support.

Auditing Support

Auditing is a key process within any business. Audits should not be used as a simple pass/fail or a big stick, but should be used to ensure the business is working together and to identify areas that could be improved or could be done better. 

Audits, if done in a positive manner, should be an aid to continual improvement and sharing 'best practise'. By using a consultant to carryout these audits you will get an unbiased view on how well your system is working and added experience of how it could be improved.

Not every company has (or needs to have) its own trained Internal Auditors and there may be times when resources are stretched.

We will be happy to support you by auditing for you. This may be on an ad-hoc,  short term or contracted basis. We can carrying out a planned schedule of Internal Audits, undertake compliance audits (against legislation or standards) or conduct supplier audits on your behalf.

Reports can be generated and issues found can be reported in an agreed format.

Unlike Notified Body assessors, we are able to help you identify the root causes of your issues and identify the appropriate corrective action to resolve the issue. We can help you implement the actions and monitor the effectiveness of the actions taken.

Audit Failures

Audits, especially those conducted by Notified Bodies, should be wide reaching and in depth. They will tap in to all areas of the business and sometimes things are found  which will take time, resource or knowledge to resolve.  Sometimes audit findings can send you in to a spin of standard speak and clauses. This is compounded when you have a set period of time, imposed upon you, to resolve.

Please do not panic at this stage. If you feel you need support to address the issues found we will be happy to review the findings with you and work with you to resolve the issues found. If required we will be happy to liaise with your Notified Body, on your behalf, to assist with understanding and a resolving your audit findings.